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Night Train 1959 Polish mystery movie

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Night long-distance trains have unique atmosphere - the dark world passes by behind the windows, people from different ways of life share a night in confined compartments thinking about what will another day bring. But this particular night train is different - the passengers do not think about the future, they try to run away from their past.

Passengers in chaos try to board the night train from Lodz to the Baltic Sea coast - it is summer, it is hot, but the atmosphere is tense because of something else. A nervous man forgot his ticket and now wants to pay for the whole compartment just to be alone. But he can’t be alone - young woman, who has invalid ticket that she bought of someone on the station, took place in his compartment and refuses to leave. The man is nervous and wants just to be alone, but woman would not leave, so he finally agrees to share as long as he is finally left to deal with his own demons. The woman also acts strangely and some young men is desperate to contact her, but she refuses. But rest of the passengers is more preoccupied with one particular story - it seems that a man, who murdered his wife back in Lodz is on the run and even could be aboard that train right now.

Polish psychological drama that mixes thriller, mystery, psychologically complicated characters and events that could not be what they seem to be. But the most important thing is the atmosphere aboard the train - in a story full of sub-stories it is hard not to get dragged into the tense reality of that night train. Great movie that can be watched again and again.


  • Filmed in Lodz and Hel (on the Baltic coast) - the two places the train was suppose to travel between.

Night Train 1959 Polish mystery movie polish mystery movies night train murder mystery mysterious strangers

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