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The Hour of the Lynx 2013

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Scandinavian authors became famous near the end of 20th century for creating series of crime dramas and detective stories that shoved something new and unique in those themes - atmosphere that was not present in productions from any other parts of the world.

Night Train 1959 Polish mystery movie

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Night long-distance trains have unique atmosphere - the dark world passes by behind the windows, people from different ways of life share a night in confined compartments thinking about what will another day bring. But this particular night train is different - the passengers do not think about the future, they try to run away from their past.

Reservoir Dogs 1992 crime drama

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A lot of people say that Quentin Tarantino is a genius, who creates masterpieces, each and every of his productions are pieces of art, but to be honest I always had problem with his movies... Yes, the senseless violence that he so much admires. I don’t know, perhaps for him it is the most important part of life, but after watching his productions I’m always disappointed with how one-dimensional his movies are.

The Reckoning 2002 mystery movie

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Black Death wiped out about half of population in medieval Europe and at the same time make the survivors immune to the look of dead bodies laying around the streets. One of such bodies, a young boy found in the woods, caused a lot of tension in small town somewhere in England, but to reveal the story it took a troupe of actors that accidentally arrived to the town.

Place of Execution 2008 crime mystery

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In 1963 13-year-old girl Alison Carter left her house to walk her dog in the rural village of Scardale. Few hours later her mother called the local police asking for help since her Alison still did not returned. Young Detective Inspector George Bennett takes the case and rushed to Scardale knowing that teenager won’t last long in the area surrounded by marshes.

El Orfanato 2007 Spanish mystery movie

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Spain is another country that can hardly be called a key cinematography for the world culture. Of course they have Pedro Almodóvar, but apart from him Spanish movies very rarely are praised abroad. But just like in case of Sweden, Japan or South Korea the Spanish filmmakers found their niche - the mystery movies.


Mystery Blog - what can be better than a great mystery? The great mysteries that can't be solved are keeping alive in the minds of people - Jack the Ripper, Black Dahlia, Rosewell incident - who hasn't heard of them or even took time to find the missing pieces? Often it's not important to find the solution to mystery, it's the mystery itself is important, because it leaves all the options possible.

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