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The Midnight Meat Train 2008 horror

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British famed horror writer Clive Barker, experienced Japanese horror director Ryuhei Kitamura and Vinny Jones as sinister man travelling in New York City subway system - seems like a perfect setting for a perfect horror, right? Unfortunately the production was actually American and the whole project went down the drain due to bizarre production choices.

Horror genre in United States is in recent years similar to the rap music - last 20 or 30 years did not brought any improvement in them, they are just keep repeating the same old beat and the same old song. While in countries such as South Korea, Spain or Japan great horror movies literally creep up upon you in American horrors there seems to be a total stagnation - if it isn’t the group of teenagers having a party in the middle of the woods then it is a simple slasher full of gore. Unfortunately The Midnight Meat Train is no exception - it takes place in New York City, so it isn’t the case of teenagers having fun where they shouldn’t have fun, so it must be a oversimplified slasher then.

Actually the setting for The Midnight Meat Train was interesting choice - photographer looking for something edgy that would start his career as an artist wanders around the streets of New York in the middle of the night and accidentally stumbles upon something a bit too edgy: a serial killer. On a first glance it is a great setting, or rather would be if we wouldn’t know from first scene full of gore what is actually happening. And from that point the setting loses all the credibility until the not very impressive ending (although true to the original short story) that actually makes very little sense.

There were some great ideas in this project, but all of it was reduced to a simple slasher with no real depth or meaning, which is a shame.


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