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The Fall - British crime-drama

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The Fall, despite being yet another British crime mini-series, has few elements that make it quite unique production. First of all the star is American actress Gillian Anderson (who spent some of her childhood in UK), another thing is that 2 minutes into first episode we see who the killer is, not to mention that the whole investigation takes places not in London, Manchester or Cambridge - the events take place in Belfast. Another interesting bit is format - instead of 2 or 4 episodes the plot is stretched to 12 episodes.

The Midnight Meat Train 2008 horror

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British famed horror writer Clive Barker, experienced Japanese horror director Ryuhei Kitamura and Vinny Jones as sinister man travelling in New York City subway system - seems like a perfect setting for a perfect horror, right? Unfortunately the production was actually American and the whole project went down the drain due to bizarre production choices.

Under Suspicion 2000 crime movie

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The San Sebastian Festival in San Juan, Puerto Rico is colourful, full of life and enjoyment. But this time not for all people - in one of the offices in police station two people are not in the mood for dancing and drinking. One of them is dressed in very formal suit, because he is about to give a speech on charity dinner for the most influential people on the island. The other is wearing normal clothes for police detective, because it is just routine interview with witness.

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