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The Hour of the Lynx 2013

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Scandinavian authors became famous near the end of 20th century for creating series of crime dramas and detective stories that shoved something new and unique in those themes - atmosphere that was not present in productions from any other parts of the world.

Psychologist Lisbeth asks for help from Helen, a priest, to take care with one of the patients of the high security psychiatric ward she works on. The patient is young boy that brutally killed an elderly couple in secluded house and up to this day no one was able to get to him and find out why he has done it. Helen also has problems in communicating with him, but Lisbeth provides her with some more informations. The breakthrough for this patient became together with the experimental program that Lisbeth has introduced - few of the patients were given pets to care of. Her gamble worked and the boy got attached to a cat the was left under his care, but what happened later left them all in shock.

The Hour of the Lynx (I Lossens Time) is very different from other Scandinavian productions - it is more chamber drama than crime story, in a way quite similar to classic Equus with Richard Burton. Unfortunately The Hour of the Lynx did not really worked - the build up was interesting, the plot was involving and later... it was all wasted.


  • Sofie Gråbøl, actress that plays Helen, also played in the original Nightwatch (Nattevagten), she played Kalinka.

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