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Reservoir Dogs 1992 crime drama

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A lot of people say that Quentin Tarantino is a genius, who creates masterpieces, each and every of his productions are pieces of art, but to be honest I always had problem with his movies... Yes, the senseless violence that he so much admires. I don’t know, perhaps for him it is the most important part of life, but after watching his productions I’m always disappointed with how one-dimensional his movies are.

Reservoir Dogs was first big hit for Quentin Tarantino, made in the style that later became his trademark - a lot of blood, a lot of testosterone, a lot of guns and... that’s about it. I don’t know why, but I always felt cheated by Tarantino productions - he often uses the same gimmick in telling story, copies style of other artists, adds some not very bright dialogues and calls it his own vision.

I know a lot of people admire his movies and call them icons, but his one-dimensional approach to stories is more and more depressing - take Inglourious Basterds as example, Kill Bill or Reservoir Dogs - they all are told in exactly the same way with subplots being told split into parts and step by step they reveal the bits of the story that were missing. I mean once it would be good, twice it would seem like copying previous works, but when the same idea is used in several movies through 20 years it seems like lack of imagination.

Reservoir Dogs is one of his better productions, perhaps because it was the first feature film, perhaps he gathered interesting cast (that included Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Steve Buscemi) or perhaps because the structure of the movie was at that time original. Group of criminals prepare for the jewelery heist that end badly and they suspect that there could be a traitor among them. With great acting from the cast he created a very impressive film, with only few flaws (like sometimes corny dialogues or overexposing the element of senseles violence) that is one of the classics.


  • The films budget was so low that many of the actors simply used their own clothing as wardrobe during the filming.

Reservoir Dogs 1992 crime drama classic crime drama jewelry heist perfect crime

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