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The Fall, despite being yet another British crime mini-series, has few elements that make it quite unique production. First of all the star is American actress Gillian Anderson (who spent some of her childhood in UK), another thing is that 2 minutes into first episode we see who the killer is, not to mention that the whole investigation takes places not in London, Manchester or Cambridge - the events take place in Belfast. Another interesting bit is format - instead of 2 or 4 episodes the plot is stretched to 12 episodes.

Police officers in Belfast are trying to stop the serial killer, who attacks single women in their houses, tortures them and strangle them. The progress of the investigation is marginal, so Metropolitan Police Superintendent Stella Gibson is sent to Belfast to review the steps taken so far. At the same time we see the killer, who is looking for next victim, relives the past crimes and begins to play a mind game with police. Stella finds weak points in the previous way the investigation was conducted and finds an earlier victim of the man. With time the two stories begin to cross with each other - killer gets in the spotlight of the investigators, while Stella and her policemen are finding new bits of informations that put them a little bit closer to solving the case.

Despite being quite unusual for several reasons The Fall has one very strong point - the atmosphere. Very heavy, very dark that keeps the viewer at the edge of the seat. Of course there were similiar series in the past (Prime Suspect, Cracker, Wire in the Blood), but the unusual format (single investigation that is carried on for 12 episodes) is something that makes the whole thing seem even more intense than if it would be filled with action scenes. On the other hand parts of some of the episodes were filmed in really slow pace, so the whole series in not for everyone, but definitely worth to know.

BBC will soon start shooting series 3 (premiere in 2016), and rumors are that among cast is still Jamie Dornan, who plays the killer.


  • Many characters are named after guitars or things related to that world, like makers (ex. Spector, Burns, Stagg). Smith (named for Paul Reed Smith or PRS guitars). Benedetto (taken from a jazz guitar company). Stella Gibson is actually a double guitar name.

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