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Not often in history of television there are great and original ideas for shows, especially when it comes to crime series or mystery series. There are classics like Columbo, Twin Peaks or CSI, but apart from that rest of the shows are very, very predictible. And I don’t mean the details.

What is the most overused idea in crime or mystery show? Of course take a man, a woman and make then natural enemies - they can’t stand each other, at least at the beginning, but with time they find the way to work together. Right now I could list at least a dozen of shows that started exactly like this. Of course sometimes it’s not man and a woman, but two men ot two women, but still they can’t stand each other, but with time they overcome that problem.

So why Jonathan Creek was so original? We have here a man, Jonathan Creek, a woman, journalist Maddy Magellan, and they can’t stand each other. But, what a surprise, with time they find the way to work together. But the originality of Jonathan Creek wasn’t in the characters themselves, althought they helped a bit, the secret in success of the series lies in the original profession of Jonathan - he is technical advisor for TV magician Adam Klaus, which means he knows all the tricks of the trade and uses his skills to solve the mysterious cases.

Of course his approach to many things is completely different from Maddy, who seeks interesting stories everywhere, he uses his experience to find how someone could have been killed in locked room or a painting stolen from room, where was very limited access for the guests. But that is all should be said about the series - it is a must have for any fan of good mystery or good riddle.


  • The windmill that Jonathan Creek lived in is in the town of Shipley, West Sussex, around 6 or 7 miles South of Horsham, England.

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