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The Reckoning 2002 mystery movie

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Black Death wiped out about half of population in medieval Europe and at the same time make the survivors immune to the look of dead bodies laying around the streets. One of such bodies, a young boy found in the woods, caused a lot of tension in small town somewhere in England, but to reveal the story it took a troupe of actors that accidentally arrived to the town.

Nicholas, young priest who had to flee his village for committing adultery stumbles upon a troupe of actors on the way to perform for their patron’s friend. But in this uneasy times no one wants other to know everything about them, so Nicholas doesn’t tell them who he is. When they arrive to a next town collapsed bridge stops them from moving further, they have no money to fix their wagon, they have no money to bury their dead friend. With no other options they decide to perform for locals to raise money, but town lives right now another story, story of dead boy found in the woods.

Young boy, who was carrying large amount of money was found dead in the woods and based on the testimony of Benedictine Monk a mute girl was accused of the murder, especially since that monk found the money under the bed. Desperate for money they actors troupe leader Martin decides to put up a play based on that story, but it turns out they do not know the whole story yet...

British mystery movie, set in medieval England, about young priest and troupe of actors who take a risk of trying to solve the murder mystery they have stumbled upon in the town. With cast full of talented actors the film offers interesting plot, although the story is a bit simple and the characters are over-simplified.


  • Simon Pegg played a tiny part of the gaoler (jailer).

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