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Tom Parfitt, 80-odd resident of one of the Yorkshire most bleak and depressing towns insists on being placed in care home, even though he is still fully capable of taking care of himself. But social worker gives up and takes him to the former mill building now turned into large care home. Young care assistant Hannah takes interest in Tom, especially when it turns out that his suitcase is completely empty and just minutes later the social worker is pushed out of the window of Tom’s room.

Michael Palin stars in mini-series that mixes mystery and horror in this story of eccentric older man, who’s first day in care home ends with social worker killed after being pushed out of the window. Depressed police sergeant Rob Fairholme, who just failed miserably on his promotion hearing, is given this case, but it seems it is not much of a case. Tom Parfitt was alone in the room with the social worker and she ends up dead, while he claims he does not know what happened.

Young Hannah, despite having enough problems with her own mother at home, gets involved in the case. Since Tom moved without taking any personal items she went to his house and, contrary to his directions, did not just leave his empty suitcase, she begun to gather clothes and items he might need in the care home. While taking care of it she experiences the eerie atmosphere of the house and meets his neighbour, who has some strange stories about Tom and this house. Tom gets really angry that Hannah brought him items from his house and during the night escapes from the care home. Meanwhile police investigation takes sudden turn, when one of the witnesses swears she saw another woman in that window with the social worker.

British horror films and series are usually bleak and far from being scary, but Remember Me is nice exception, although the director used very limited number of tricks to build the atmosphere. Nevertheless it is quite good final effect.


  • Gwyneth Hughes was also author of Five Days drama.

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