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Whisper 2007 American mystery horror

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American cinema has long history of horror-like mystery stories that went absolutely wrong even though the plot was right, the directing was good and the cast did their best. What makes them fail almost every time? In a way they just try too hard and in result simply fail to deliver the build-up they have prepared. Unfortunately Whispers is one of those failures.

The recently released from prison Max tries to start a new life, but when he fails to get the credit to open his own restaurant he decides to take the last job as criminal. Together with his girlfriend and two accomplice he kidnaps young son of wealthy family. They take him to the secluded cabin in the woods, where they wait for the signal from the mysterious mastermind behind the whole operation. But on the arrival strange things begin to happen... Sound intriguing? Right.

But this it the point where thing begin to go really bad for the movie. First of all the creators could not make up their mind if they are doing the thriller, science fiction or horror, so... they have done all of them at once. The result was easy to predict - what started as decent thriller moved into second rate horror and ended up as really poor science fiction. The reason behind is chaotic script full of loopholes, f.e. (a bit of a spoiler) kid has superpower that obviously allows him to see and control things from long distance, but he does not know who the mastermind is behind the kidnapping.


  • Belgian Director Erik Van Looy was hired for this project, but dropped out after only a couple of weeks.

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